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The OPTISWITCH 6600 is a capacitance level switch for standard hygienic applications. The switch detects high or low level or serves as overfill, dry-run or pump protection. The device can also detect liquid-liquid interfaces or a change of media characteristics. It operates independently of the mounting position. With a reverse thread, it can be mounted into an extension tube for a top-mounted low level detection. The microwave level switch is resistant to CIP and SIP agents.

Product highlights

  • Unaffected by foam, condensate or build-up of deposits
  • Can be set to detect foam or even a change in media characteristics of the same liquid
  • Very fast response times
  • Maintenance-free, can be installed in any position
  • Large choice of hygienic process connections
  • EHEDG and 3A certified; complies with FDA and EC1935/2004
  • Suited for ATEX hazardous areas

Typical applications

  • Small tanks and hygienic applications
  • Tanks with foamy, pasty or strongly adhesive media
  • Level detection (e.g. of mustard)
  • Dry-run protection (e.g. of cream)
  • Level detection (e.g. of ketchup)